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What is Call Tracking?

Call Tracking is the tool that adds marketing data to your phone leads. Using it in your marketing helps to invest only in high performance ad channels, which bring you calls.
How Call Tracking works?
You add call tracking script to your website, and it does all the job. This script dynamically replaces the contact phone number at your website with tracking ones. Tracking number is redirected to your primary business number. Every visitor sees a unique number for his web session (dynamic call tracking) and this allows Call Tracking system understand which user took the phone out of the pocket to make a call.
Types of Call Tracking
There is two types of Call Tracking: Dynamic and Static. The main difference is in the way of attaching virtual tracking numbers. In Static Call Tracking numbers are attached to a fixed ad source. In Dynamic Call Tracking virtual tracking numbers are attached to a web session of a website visitor.

Dynamic Call Tracking:
1. Detects the ad source of a call up to keyword
2. Detects UTM-parameters led to a call
3. Detects City and additional geo-parameters, sometimes up to street
4. Detects a page of a call
5. Detects how much time a caller spent visiting a website

Static Call Tracking:
1. Number is attached to a specific ad source
2. Can be used for Google My Business company profile, contact number in Instagram or Facebook
3. Can be used for Classifieds or offline ads like billboards or stickers
How to connect Call Tracking with 3d party services
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